Thinning Hair Solution - How it works

Step 1

Shampoo your hair, make sure it's  completely dry and clean,  Brush hair and select areas to be thickened.
Step 2

Shake can well and apply Hair Cubed. (3-5 inches away) in your thinning area.
Step 3

Using brush (Ionic HairCubed Brush recommended) brush your hair for at least 30 seconds, Your hair will get thicker and Fuller with each stroke.
Step 4

Apply Sealer Control Hair Cubed spray (for best results), to hold and seal to give your hair that Natural fuller look. Allow to dry completely. (3-5 min Approximate)
Step 5

When your hair is completely dry, style as desired. Feel free to brush or add any products that you might use (Example: Gel, Wax, Mousse, Silicon,Oil, Conditioner etc...) Hair Cubed will not harm the procedure.
Before and After

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