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The Unique Benefits Of HairCubed®


What makes us different?

HairCubed is a non-toxic patented formula created with natural ingredients. It uses the new generation of microfiber technology to triple your hair supply by 3. It is the only product on the market that thickens your actual hair rather than just covering up your scalp, which causes more hair loss. The more you brush HairCubed, The thicker your natural hair becomes, Covering up thinning, fine or balding areas as well as cowlick. Our product does not damage your hair and does not make your hair feel hard like other products on the market. It looks and feels natural.
  • Available in 11 shades to match your natural hair
  • Each bottle lasts between 2 to 5 months – less than $1 a day!
  • Water and Sweat Resistant; Rain, Wind & Perspiration PROOF!
  • 30 day money back guarantee - No Risk Trial!
  • Can be used with other hair loss medications & styling products
  • Safe for ALL thinning hair types & styles
  • Hair fibers create thicker, fuller looking hair in 30 seconds
  • Ideal for MOST hair types and protects your scalp and hair
  • Easily washes out with any shampoo
  • HairCubed works for men and women!
  • Brush your natural hair after use and any other time to see results
  • Made with organic ingredients; does not contain ammonia or aluminum

Alopecia Solution

Alopecia is the medical term for hair loss. The hair loss can be in patches, or hair loss ending in very thin hair, or actual baldness in males and females. Read more ->



Thinning Hair Solution

HairCubed is a unique new concoction of microfiber "hairs" that triple your hair supply by 3.It looks and feels natural!

  • Spray gently and brush at least 30 seconds
  • When using HairCubed, the microfiber "hairs" are specifically designed to attach and stick to each strand of your natural hair in order to give it a fuller more luscious look. This product was formulated to adhere to existing hair through a unique process!
  • These hair thickening fibers are restructured to merge undetectably with your hair. You will see a fuller and more natural looking head of hair than you could ever dream of!

Results may vary by individual

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Hollywood Thinning Fine or Balding areas as well as Cowlick Product-
Say goodbye to the 'sweep' and the comb-over! If you are experiencing thinning hair and are looking for a natural and simple solution, give Hair Cubed a try today! It's perfectly safe and easy to use, and it's a great non-surgical alternative. This hair thickening microfiber spray is like a miracle "Hair Transplant". You will see a natural, thicker, more luscious looking head of hair without chemicals! You wont ever have to worry about detection, it looks 100% natural!" (*)

HairCubed® Doctor Testimonials


"The New Generation of Microfibers"

Are your Bald Spots Showing?

Recommended by doctors for scalp & hair protection!

  • HairCubed® does not contain ammonium chloride, aluminum, or other ingredients that are proven to cause the hair follicles to be weakened, which eventually causes it to fall out
  • HairCubed® is recommended by many hair transplant clinic surgeons (*)

HairCubed Unique Formulation

USA/European Patents on its Unique Formulation

Thinning Hair & Fine Hair Solution

Hair Loss Product - HairCubed ®
New Hair Building Fiber Solution:Thickens your actual hair rather than just covering up your scalp!

"Waterproof, guaranteed not to harm your hair, or slow or impede normal hair growth in most cases. It is equally effective for both men and women, and stays put until you shampoo it away! Water or moisture alone will not harm it, remove it, or wash it off even while showering. It will stay on if you get caught in the rain, sweat at the gym, or swim in the pool or at the beach!"

DR. Alan W. H. (*)


Results may vary by individual




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